Clothes from the male wardrobe suitable for women

Have you ever not know what to wear. While your closet is full you're wondering where it already publicized. Most likely you have tried all combinations of shirt and trousers or skirt with a shirt. These are painfully familiar options that you've been and no longer tolerate. Are not you going through mind to look in the wardrobe of your mate and choose his own clothes to your liking. Let me just make a statement that they should get you.

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For example, a shirt - a garment that each of us carries. She always saves the day.

Overall this is an extremely male garment, but worn by women. You can combine it with a wedge belt under your bust.

Furthermore, a wedge can be worn with jeans or skirt. In any case, you will look sexy. Another element of men's clothing is tie or tie.

Need some courage from the feminine side to put on a typical male enhancement, but experiment at will.

Put it on a shirt with collar or turtleneck, and why not of love.

It will look original and playful in the eyes of others. Another interesting proposal is braces.

It is true that they were in vogue in the XIX and early XX-th century, but our store has an array of such women.

You'll look a little negligee, but a combination of jeans and a plain shirt with suspenders help you feel super free.

Surely not go unnoticed.

Do not miss the male underwear. They are perfect sleepwear and women's variants are really great. And for dessert you let males army boots. A rough look, but I prefer girls with male hearts.

Always in fashion and are quite durable.

From everything written here, we can say that male and female fashion intertwine and the border between them is very elastic concept.

Men, in turn, are also experimenting with fashion. The important thing is we like and feel comfortable - this is our style preserved. Because fashion would not exist without Owned style of each one of us. Bookmark and Share

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