Types of Makeup by glasses we wear

Spectacles today are not only necessary for women with a vision problem, but an accessory that emphasizes the beauty of your eyes. The desire of every woman is a sight it is irresistible, with the right makeup. Good to know though what the lens of the glasses?

If they are short sighted, eye glass makes less and conversely for telescopes enlarges it. For this purpose it is necessary to stand before the mirror and decide what your case.

It is good to look and glasses and special glasses within. If they are solid and colorful, the recommendation is to not put a lot of heavy makeup. If the frame of the glasses is thin then you can relax your imagination and to paint your eyes.

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Basic makeup. It is the basis for applying one color lighter than your skin. This will hide dark circles under your eyes, and glasses also well known for throwing shade and make eyes look tired.

The same goes for eyelid, with a stipulation on how to put on makeup. To prevent blurry during the removal and putting the glasses put loose powder with a wide brush.

Eyebrow shaping. Wearing glasses, good makeup eyebrows shape your face. If frames are dark and dense eyebrows themselves are likely to lose. It is desired to emphasize in some way with a pencil or shadow for more density.

If you have long lashes with mascara do not overdo it, because there are likely to rely on glasses and contaminate them.

If, however, necessarily want to wear mascara and eyeliner, then bend them with a pinch eyelash.

Remember - large and colored frames, shadows and little makeup, and vice versa.

Select the appropriate lipstick. It depends on framework of the glasses and eye makeup. Rule applies here - bright frames with deep lipstick.

Another option is more colors in eye makeup, go with a neutral lipstick.

The opposite is also true, namely a little eye shadow - a bright lipstick. If you are farsighted, the lens enlarge eye. Therefore, do not put eyeliner and use so-called smoky eyes.

That is gray or brown. If you are nearsighted, your eyes are smaller, so use the shadows to emphasize the eye.

Start from the nose with the brightest colors and gradually darken the eyes.

The other way to draw the lower lid with a white pencil or light shade. On the upper eyelid put black eyeliner and black mascara. Bookmark and Share

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